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The magnet is a major factor in determining the size of an Isolator. The ultimate size of the magnet is not simply determined by magnetic field strength, but is influenced by the mechanical design. Many OFR magnets are not simple (one piece), but are complex (more than one piece). OFR's computer modeling allows optimization of the many parameters that affect size, optical path length, total rotation, and field uniformity.  

OFR's US Patent 4,856,878 describes one such design that is used in several of the larger aperture Isolators for YAG lasers.

OFR emphasizes that a powerful magnetic field exists around these Isolators. Do not bring steel or magnetic objects closer than 5 cm.

OFR will not be responsible for damage to any equipment, electronics, computer discs, etc., nor for injury to any persons, or damage to any peripheral equipment or property caused by use of OFR isolators. For information, contact OFR.

Double-dB Isolators

Most OFR Isolators are available as Tandem Isolators yielding 60 dB to 75 dB isolation. See IOT models and Price List.


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Custom Isolators

Custom micro isolators are based on two of OFR's patents (4,840,464 and 5,087,984), for example the IO-2D Series NIR Isolators. Epoxy-free optical path This is a feature of all OFR Isolators.
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OFR Isolators can be post mounted via threaded holes (¼-20 & M6) on the underside of the base. In addition, a new method permits quick and easy clamping of the Isolator directly onto the surface of an optical table. The technique accommodates both 1” and 25 mm centers.
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